Google Drive is now available – get 5GB free storage, available for PC, Mac, and Android

Google Drive is up! Google launched their latest cloud service called Google Drive. Google Drive is your cloud storage, you can put any file format on it for safe keeping. You can create, share, collaborate with your friends or colleagues with its Google Document integration.

Google Drive users will get a 5GB storage for free and if you think that this is not enough, it will cost you $2.49/month for 25GB, 100GB for $4.99/month and even 1TB for $49.99/month. This price is very affordable especially for small and medium enterprises.

The best thing about Google Drive is it is cross platform. Google Drive App is available for PC & Mac (still waiting for Linux), Android Smartphone and Tablets. Apple iPhone and iPad Google Drive app is coming.  Basically you can work with your Computer or to your Mobile devices anywhere and and anytime.

Google Drive

Download Links:

Google Drive for Android 




Google Drive for PC




You want to know more about Google Drive? Visit the official website: Here

  • francis820

    I would prefer other cloud storage like Dropbox than this one. The files you upload to Google Drive becomes Google’s property, and even if your account no longer exists, they can still use your files for whatever purpose. Check out Google Drive’s Privacy and Terms.

    • Patrick Sarmiento

      I think cloud storage for sensitive materials is a big no no! though Google Drive very handy for people who is using Google apps. My work everyday involves Google Apps and sharing data with my colleagues in all parts of the world is now getting easier. One thing I don’t like Dropbox is when sharing, the web-based-app needs to be opened.

      • francis820

         I agree with what you said… it just felt creepy that even the scribbles in my phone’s memo is uploaded to Google Docs. We’d just have to be careful what things we can sync to the cloud and what stays private.