YouTube for Android offline viewing eyed by November

YouTube1 640x255 YouTube for Android offline viewing eyed by November

After YouTube upgraded its Android make to the now version 5.0, it came to a point that I actually use the app, all because of its multitasking capabilities. The video streamer also is endowed with a new logo and personally, it did bring a lot of flavor, especially to us Android users.

Apparently, YouTube isn’t done with their updates. News has it that in a few months, users will be able watch their favorite videos offline. This, friends is a definite head-turner and will most likely to be one of the best upgrades of 2013.

Downside, though is that YouTube Partners and Creators Blog’s statement that users will be able ”to add videos to their device to watch for a short period when an Internet connection is unavailable.” On the good side, those videos you have saved on your cache will be made available to you even when there is no Internet connection. Unfortunately, the time of the video (or the length) has yet to be announced.

Let’s face it: offline videos are cool. I can’t really vouch for those with other things in mind, considering that the time of the video to be replayed without a connection is still in question. Nonetheless, this is now our queue to save as much vids.