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LG Optimus Pro and LG Optimus Net – the Social networking phones of LG

LG Electronics recently launched two new Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone under the Optimus series, namely the LG Optimus  LG Optimus Pro (LG-C660) and the LG Optimus Net (LG-P690). The two new LG Android phones are more into social networking and communications just like the HTC Salsa and HTC Cha-cha. The LG Optimus Pro is LG’s

LG Optimus Black – new commercial

LG Optimus Black just recently launched in the Philippines for price of Php19,900. Yesterday I was in the mall and cell shops are now selling this beautiful smartphone. With its price this is one of the best choice for Android converts. LG showcased the Optimus Black with a new commercial. Check the video below! Smartphone

LG Optimus Black hits the Philippine market for the price of P19,990

LG  launched recently two high-end phones in the Philippines, The LG Optimus 2x – the first dual-core phone and the LG Optimus Black (P970). The Optimus Black price in the Philippines is Php19,990. This phone is powered  by a TI OMAP 3630 1 GHz processor, one of the fastest mobile processor today. The out of

LG Optimus 2x – a Guinness world of book record holder

LG Optimus 2X just received a new world record, Guinness awarded the LG Optimus 2X as the first dual core smartphone in the world. Take a look this lovely Korean models with the Optimus 2x and the Guinness certificate.The Optimus 2x has a 4-inch display with 8-Megapixels Camera, HDMI mirroring capability powered by Nividia Tegra

Five Affordable Android phones – the rundown

Android powered smartphone is among the sought after gadget today. The good news is that you don’t need to spend more on high-end Android phone to experience its power and features. There are affordable Android phones from leading Android manufacturers like Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, and HTC that suits  to your budget. Here are the

LG commits to one-level firmware update minimum

As previously reported that LG will update its Optimus One to Gingerbread, a new confirmation from LG that it will commit for at least one-level update for all Optimus smartphones. Kenneth Hong Director, Global Communications LG Electronics, Inc LG is committed to providing a clear upgrade path for owners of its Optimus smartphones. Just as

LG Optimus 3D announcement on MWC 2011

LG Electronics is preparing for the big announcement in the newly opened MWC 2011 in Barcelona, Spain.  LG officially release a statement that they will  announce the LG Optimus 3D and LG Optimus Pad. LG’s first Honeycomb Tablet. Rumors sorrounds that the LG Optimus 3D will be using dual-core OMAP4430 based on the 1 GHz

LG Optimus 2X commercial shows the power of a dual core phone

One of my dream Android device to own is the LG Optimus 2x – world’s first dual-core processor smartphone. In this new commercial from LG it shows the power of a dual-core LG Android phone. It shows off the speed of Nvidia Tegra-2 processor, multitasking, HDMI mirroring, 1080p recording and more. via: AndroidCentral

LG Optimus 2x – officially released

LG OPTIMUS 2x with Tegra 2 Processor for high-end multimedia and gaming experience. Previously known as the LG Star, Korean Electronics and Mobile company LG officially released today (December 16, 2010) the new addition the Optimus  Android Phone line, the LG Optimus 2X. This is the world’s first Dual Core Android Smartphone to hit the

LG Optimus Mach – fastest Android in the world

The LG LU3000 also known as the Optimus Mach. As the name Optimus “MACH” (is the speed of an object moving through air) is considered to be the fastest Android mobile phone in the world today. After unveiling this during the KES2010, the Korean equivalent to the Consumer Electronics Show in the US, now it