How to Install Beats Audio on Non-HTC phones

beats How to Install Beats Audio on Non HTC phones

There is a new hype in the Android world today! Installing Audio Beats library to Non-HTC Beats Audio capable smartphone. Beats Audio is a new exclusive add-on to the latest model of HTC Android phones.

The project was started by XDA Member RockoDev and there are claims that it really improve the audio quality of their Android phones. I decided to give a try if it will work on my Samsung Galaxy S II, like many others who claim that this is just a placebo effect.

If you are curious on how your Android phone will sound like with Audio beats follow the How To.

Requirements before installation: 

  • You need a rooted device running at least Android 2.3.x – Gingerbread
  • Back up your system – I use ClockWork Mod Recovery

How to Install Beats Audio Library

  • Download Beats Audio Library: Here
  • Upload the Zip file to your SD Card
  •  Boot to Recovery
  • Install Zip File from SD Card
  • Reboot

For More information and tested devices, go over to the official thread at XDA.

In my personal opinion I can’t really tell the difference. I am using a Sennheiser HD 408 and the stock Samsung earbud that came with my unit.

With my Sennheiser headphones I can’t tell the difference because the bass of this headphone is one of the best I have and with my Samsung stock earbud, it has mediocre bass and I feel no effect especially with deep bass music like Electronic genre.

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