How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat to Nexus 4 on Mac

Update: 11/20/2013 – Google Release Android 4.4_r.12
MacToolkit script has been updated and will only work for KRT16s.

I encountered some issues with the original instruction on how to install Android 4.4 KitKat on Mac so I look somewhere and I was checking my directory I stumbled  techfanitic9′s mac toolkit. This toolkit I used before to Root and Unroot (back to Stock) for Nexus 4. I modified the script for Android 4.4 KitKat and thankfully it worked.

Warning: This will wipe your DATA…so BackUp Everything…I am not responsible for your data loss and misuse or skipping the method I gave will render your device unusable. 

How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat to Nexus 4 on Mac:

Requirements:  Google Factory Image: 

  1. bootloader-mako-makoz20i.img
  2. (new build as of 11/20/2013)
  3. radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.84.img

Adb & Fastmode files bash script

1. Download Google Factory Image (occam) Nexus 4 KT16O Android 4.4: Here
MD5Sum: e60c3077c9bc9bd106eb3077992f0d6c

2. Download this Install-Android-KitKat-Nexus4-Mac-Tool: Here (new)
MD5Sum: 028e465179052cfc3ed4b6357c62e1b8
Package includes: adb, fastboot & KitKat.installer.tool

3. Once you have the Google Nexus 4 Factory image, extract the bootloader-mako-makoz20i.img,, radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.84.img to the directory where your adb, fastboot and are located.

4. Shutdown your Nexus 4.

5.  Boot to FASTBOOT mode (Vol+ & Vol- & Power On)

6. Connect your device 7. Run the script (just drag it to the terminal)

8. The script will run, it will unlock the bootloader, erase boot, erase recovery, install bootloader, install radio and the system image.

9. Just wait for the script finish Installing.

10. The device will  reboot and the Android will begin installing, wait for few minutes, 10mins or so…

11. Set up your device as normally we do.

12. Enjoy your KitKat!



Q: I run the script and says permission denied?

A: Your permission is limiting you to run scripts, go to Preferences > Security & Privacy – and set “Allow apps downloaded from:” – to Anywhere. Just return to your normal settings after you are through.


If you have more questions just comment below.  This method is tested and proven. I use this to install KitKat. Rooting method will follow soon.:)


Credit: XDA Forum


OLD DOWNLOADABLE/S: Install-Android-KitKat-Nexus4-Mac-Tool: Here (Old – Build KRT16o)

  • MH

    My device gets stucked at the boot animation, what can I do against it?
    Thanks for your help

    • Patrick

      You use this method (flash via Mac Toolkit)?

      First: Make sure bootloader is unlock.

      Try to install again, sometimes if you interrupt the installation it cause soft brick.

      • MH

        Ok, thanks, i will try it again

      • MH

        It still wont work. Are the Adb & Fastmode files and the bash script included in the downloads you linked or do i have to do something else to get them and if yes, what do I have to do?

        • MH

          And it says: archive does not contain ‘boot.sig’

          archive does not contain ‘recovery.sig’

          archive does not contain ‘system.sig’, what could be the reason for that? I cant find these files anywhere :/

  • sdf

    followed steps and does not work

  • sdf

    apologize it does work, you just need to open all the individual files in the nexus image and copy them directly into the folder not simply the folder…

    thanks a ton… :)

    • sdf

      sorry it doesn’t it just get stuck on boot screen, i did not interupt and tried twice…

      • Frodo

        That is weird, you put all the files, radio, bootloader and the image to the folder I gave?

        Mine works eh, I am pretty sure. I share the same files, only missing is the image, radio and the bootloader to save upload time.

      • Patrick

        Follow up: If you still have a recovery TWRP or ClockWorkMod, try to clean your dalvik cache. Contact me via Hangout unwired.jps[@]

  • eze

    Thanks!!!! It works fine =D