Samsung Galaxy S5 to go with OIS camera; will say goodbye to plastic body, says rumor

logo Samsung Galaxy S5 to go with OIS camera; will say goodbye to plastic body, says rumor

Samsung plans to install the S5 with an “Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) camera that, according to them will produce quality photos that those captured by digitally enhanced clickers. The OIS technology is currently being used by Nokia on their PureView devices as well as HTC’s “Ultrapixel” technology.

The advantages of having an OIS camera technology should include the following:

  • Reduced blurring when capturing in motion
  • Compensates panning and tilting the camera
  •  Stabilises the recorded image by varying the optical path to the sensor
  • It is compatible with Digital Image Stabilisation
  • Zooming out to its maximum magnification will make the camera extremely sensitive to motion

Another rumor is that Samsung is (finally!) ditching the polycarbonate material used on their devices. Not only does it provide little or no protection, it tends to get slippery and full of grease at the end of the day. News are now saying that Samsung sent some of their engineers to Vietnam “to investigate the possibility of using aluminum and magnesium” materials for their future devices. This, for me will be the dividing line and the trampoline to elevate Samsung’s name as the top Smartphone manufacturer known to man.

Samsung needs to do away with plastic; Apple is doing it, HTC and Sony are also dealing with metals. It’s not copying in general, but a motion to compete with others in terms of physicality and sturdiness.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is, according to the company set to be launched by March 2015, although they didn’t include a specific date.

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