Tresorit – Encrypted cloud storage

Cloud-Storage is great but the question is it is secure? There are many cloud-storage to date like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive and among others. All claiming that they are secure but in reality in computing there is no real hack-proof system. One way or another there are weaknesses that is lying and waiting to be discovered. This weaknesses are being scanned by hackers both black or white.

A new start up company called Tresorit is offering $25,000 to any hacker out there to hack their system. Tresorit offers encryption by the default to your cloud-storage. They are offering 5GB of Free storage and accessible in all platforms from Windows-Mac in desktop to Android-iOS for mobile devices.

See Tresorit compared to other cloud-storage:

Tresorit Features Tresorit   Encrypted cloud storage

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