LG Flex with curved OLED display officially announced

Following the announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Round, LG too didn’t disappoint their fans by also revealing their own take on the now gaining curved display fad on Smartphones. We’re talking about the LG Flex. Yes, it is also one of only two devices with a curved real estate – an OLED 6 inches to be

Thief stole truck full of LG G2, caught in Kentucky

A news broke out last week that some douche stole a truck full of LG G2 Smartphones that was reportedly headed for Sprint in Gary, Indiana. The guy, now apprehended was caught in Louisville, Kentucky along with the truck he robbed. The criminal, Juan Perez-Gonzales was caught by the Kentucky State Police after he drove

Nexus 5 spotted and ready to go!

We all know that the Nexus 5 is gearing for that big bang of a reveal a few days (or hours) from now and most of us would probably wonder where exactly is the device as we speak, considering that they are on the verge of blowing the planet when they finally let us marvel

Galaxy Gear compatibility rolling out starting with S4, S3, Note II

The Galaxy Gear can be a hard sell considering that after its launch, it only supported the Galaxy Note III. Those, on the other hand who doesn’t want to ditch their already perky handsets and/or doesn’t have that much cash for the Note III AND wants to own the Smart watch will be completely left

Plants VS Zombie 2, Dead Trigger 2 up for Android grabs!

Finally, EA’s sequel to the amazingly popular casual defense game and Mad Fingers’ highly anticipated FPS is now available for download via Google Play! Plants VS Zombies 2 is now up for Android after some two months of waiting and/or playing it over the iOS back in August. EA’s popular defense game that pits plants

Cherry Mobile W900 LTE Price & Specs

One of the country’s Smartphone trailblazer, Cherry Mobile recently announced the follow-up of its W900 Dragon Phone with the same fire breathing reptile that can access Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. The photo leak suggested that the W900 LTE is a single-SIM Smartphone and will run on a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon CPU, a 4.3-inch High

Samsung Galaxy S5 rumor: still with plastic and leather a la Galaxy Note 3

I guess everything about the Galaxy S5′s previous rumors are starting to fade right before our every eyes. In the past few weeks, every Android geek in the world was almost as excited as I was when buzzes around Samsung next flagship Smartphone, the S5 started to tingle with its leaked specs and hardware ingredients.

Know your Android

How well do you really know your Android device? It’s not just the handset or the storage or the megapixel of your camera that’s important to your Smartphone, but take into consideration that little green guy that’s powering your device. Android has been, among other things dominating the Smartphone industry due to the fact that

Google acquires French company FlexyCore developer of Droidbooster for $23million

L’Expansion reports that Google recently acquired French company FlexyCore for 16.9 million Euros or roughly around $23 million. This was then confirmed by the Search Engine giant but the amount paid wasn’t disclosed by the company and further added that they have been working on a deal with the Gilbert Cabillic founded optimization company and

Sony Xperia C dual-SIM priced at P14k, available in December

My “close second” favorite company – Sony is bringing their uber dual-SIM Smartphone, the Xperia C to the Philippines sometime in December. This is according to the company’s holiday catalog and, according to some bytes around the Net should land in the country just in time for you to write to Santa or save that