BBM for Android officially released

The long wait is over! BBM for Android is officially released. The Blackberry App was delayed by a month because of the leaked app that caused Blackberry  network congestion. To date  around 18K+ downloads and the feedback at Google Play is very positive. Currently the Backberry Messenger network is almost full that the system will

Nexus 5 shown at Play Store

In coming days Google will announce the Nexus 5 powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and Google is now teasing us what it is look like. This is not a pre-order yet. The price of Nexus 5 is $349. The link is not available from the Philippines but here is the Google Nexus 5! What do

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT (I9505) – Android 4.3 leak, stable and how to

Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) LTE is coming very soon but if you can’t wait and brave enough there is a latest leak Android 4.3 for Galaxy s4 with build date of October 8 (I9505XXUEMJ3_I9505OLBEMJ2_OLB). The good guys from tested the leak and it has some minor changes from the first leak

Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 encased in aluminum, will be dust and waterproof, too

I think it’s time to tone down on the Nexus 5. I’m a fan, no doubt about it. But with all the leaks and the supposed specs that has been pushed on our faces for the last month, I do realize that the Smartphone universe is as wide as the galaxy that we live in.

Samsung Galaxy Round with curved OLED out!

Aside from the Nexus 5 hype, curved screens are the next big thing to tickle our Smartphone taste buds. Companies like Samsung and LG are one the forefront in this category, and each have their own idea on how to incorporate a somewhat flexible LCD screen to a device and that it will not look

Handsets to get Android 4.4 KitKat

In a previous report by Google, October is D-Day for the Android KitKat to be rolled out on some of our devices. But just like the other new updates before the 4.4, not all devices will be able to get their gears on the latest OS. This may be somewhat a boo for most of

Samsung S3, S4 to get Jellybean 4.3; Mega lineup scheduled in November, early December

SamMobile brings forth good news for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners as the Korean powerhouse flagship Smartphone is scheduled for an firmware upgrade this month. That’s right, folks; the Galaxy S4, according to the generous news giver is slated for an upgrade as well as its predecessors. By this, Android Jellybean will go up one notch

Nexus 5 “service manual” spotted

Another day, another Nexus 5 leak. Aren’t we all just excited to see and hold the LG-D821 and come to think of it, leaks are just hyping our nerves should the real thing arrive anytime in the next few months. As for us here at PinoyDroid, we just can’t wait and, in all honesty wait

Plants vs. Zombies 2 up for Google Play download “very soon”

I know EA prioritized the iOS when they rolled out Plants vs. Zombies 2 but as we all say, “late is better than never” simply hits the spot right here. “Very soon” is all that we got when it comes to the sequel of the addictive defense game, but at least we will have our

Rumor: LG to out curved screen Smartphone in November

This may not be the freshest of news, but it still worth reading AND anticipating. Korean tech giants LG and Samsung have been, for years concocting on the idea of developing a Smartphone with a curved screen and, by the look of things, it looks like LG is taking the steering wheel in this concept,