Google hints Nexus 5

google nexus logo Google hints Nexus 5

After announcing that the Android 4.4 build would be named KitKat in behalf of their recent partnership with Nestle, a seemingly new phone was spotted during the erection of the huge Android/KitKat statue and that it bears the LG Nexus logo.

The partnership between Google and Nestle for me is a good thing and it will, in all possibilities propel each other to new ranks in their respective fields. And with the search engine’s already evident dominance (and Android’s as well) we may be quite surprised as to what they would come out and lay on the table in the years to come.

KitKat or no wafer covered with chocolate, I am more intrigues with this “mystery phone” spotted during the event. What made this viral news more interesting is that the leaked video has been moved to private by Google and either company is opening their mouths as to the real score of the Smartphone. Is this the new Nexus 5? Or is this just a prototype trying to add a bit more spice to the partnership?

As you can see in the video grab, the Nexus logo is horizontal – much like what they did on the Nexus 7 and 10. The camera also is worth mentioning: a huge lens sits at the upper right hand corner of the device and is a sign of the modest LG G2.

As the rumor mill grinds this to be the Nexus 5, it also comes with a hint that it will have a 5-inch display and a 13 megapixel rear clicker. Other than that, that’s all we have.

Both Google and Nestle are keeping their lids tightly screwed as of the moment, but with the unveiling of the next Android and the fact that Google will never manufacture the Nexus 4 again once it runs out, I am pretty sure that the Nexus 5 will soon come knocking on our doors.